Alisha’s Design Story

My first steps on the road to becoming a designer were looking over my husband’s shoulder as he built Southern Utah Cares and always having suggestions – try this color, change the wording here, use that image there, etc. We both quickly realized that I had a better eye for design and content creation, so he happily let me step in and help give the site a more polished feel. That soon blossomed into me creating his marketing materials, and when word got out that we could make websites someone suggested we start our own little dev shop, so Clean Site Designs was born. Our skills dovetailed perfectly, with Mike being able to do all the tech side and problem solving, while I focused on design, content, and flow.

Not long after we started Clean Site Designs, I stepped in to do a quick design job for a local advertising agency whose graphic designer was MIA, and was then hired as the new graphic designer. I worked with them for close to a year, gaining experience in marketing, logos, and more before I took a break to have a baby.

By the time I was ready to get back to work, Mike had officially become a software engineer, and I had already learned some basic app design principles when I helped design apps for him. I am currently working for a local developer doing mobile UI/UX design and creating prototypes for his apps.  

Clean Site Designs was created by husband/wife team Mike & Alisha DeMille.
Hurricane, UT