Affordable vs Cheap

Getting your website designed at an affordable price can be difficult, but not impossible.  Here’s how we make quality design affordable.

Web design and development is a vital part of starting and maintaining a business. It’s likely the first contact a potential customer has with you – your brand, your products – and you need a site that showcases your business’s personality, passion, and what you have to offer. However, this can get expensive quick. Designers can easily charge a thousand or two to put together a site, which can be hard to swallow for a small company that is just starting out. How can you pay that kind of money to get your website up, when first you need the site in order to make any money?

Plus, if you take a look around you’ll see that not all designs are created equal. Some sites leave you in awe from the moment you open the page, while some just make you yawn or are hard to navigate. A great site will make you feel inspired, or happy, or excited, or hopefully hungry if they are in the food business.  A great site will have a good flow and help turn your visitors into clients.  The atmosphere they create is what helps you feel confident their business is the right choice.

Wolf & Son with a simple yet fun design

This fun patterned header found at Wolf & Son, combined with the block layout of the site, shows how simple design can still bring the wow factor. Sometimes just playing with the color scheme can make a world of difference in the overall feel of the site.

full page header at Dixie Springs homepage

We love doing the increasingly popular full page header, as we did here at Dixie Springs, since the results can have quite an impact.

Golf grip website that is very boring.

Perfect Golf Swing Review is a prime example of how design can impact the user’s experience. This plain layout feels tired and flat.

But how do you get the site you want at a price you can afford?  

That’s where we come in. It’s tempting to think that just because our prices are low that we are cheap in the “you get what you paid for” sense of the word. In reality, while our goal is to be affordable, we are constantly striving to deliver the best design possible – always learning, and always seeking design inspiration from the current and upcoming trends. So how do we do it?

affordable design

We’ve spent time mastering the right tools for the job, including WordPress, which allows us to design (or redesign) your website quickly and easily. Plus, utilizing WordPress means that we don’t have to do a lot of custom coding in order to make your site impressive, and the possibilities are endless. In addition, we have streamlined our process through our Project Planner, which helps you gather together everything needed to plan out your perfect website. Once we get your planner and content, we can get your site put together in just a few days without much hassle. Saving time = saving money.

We know the tools, streamline, use less coding, and have no overhead

quality site


We use our creative process to make sure you have an engaging layout and features that help your site stand out.


We focus on making our designs responsive so that they will look great no matter what device you are using.

SEO optimization

We offer keyword research, on-page SEO, and Google Analytics to help you maximize the traffic to your site.

Say hello to your new website

It all comes down to this: we make quality sites, we just don’t cost as much, so more small businesses like you can get the website that will help your business shine!

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