Designs that Inspire

Since we have been designing more and more websites of late, I’m always looking for new inspiration. Here are some of my recent favorites and why I’m smitten with their design.

Simple yet impactful picture of tools on Wolf & Son

Wolf & Son

Everything about this site is seamless. The color scheme, instead of feeling monochromatic, actually enhances the block design, which I love because it highlights how even basic blocks can be impactful.  

Beautifully done old world style logo and header at One.World Trading Co

One.World Trading Co

I love the happy and authentic atmosphere this site creates with its colors and fonts. The logo is just icing on the cake.

Anchor and Lace

Background, fonts, and icons work in perfect harmony, showing off exactly how “artistic, romantic, and timeless” this couples’ work truly is. 

Sweet wedding picture at Anchor and Lace homepage
Plenty of white space plus serene picture at Ashworth Golf

Ashworth Golf

Beautiful example of white space, and I simply cannot get enough of how the images transition as you scroll. 

 Stunning monument on World Monuments Fund homepage

World Monuments Fund

The stunning pictures at the top draw you in, but I also love the headers and think the design for the news section is brilliant.